Interdependence Day at Flux Factory, July 14

Christina FreemanComment

I am excited to be curating an evening of food and programming at Flux Factory on July 14.

Our July Flux Thursday potluck will be a play on the American Independence Day BBQ.

This is a reverse July 4th party. We will be celebrating collaboration, cooperation, cross-pollination, relation & alliance building, and the recognition of the impossibility of autonomy. We will be talking about interdependence, not only in terms of societal systems & structures, but also the interdependent relationship of art & politics with the following queries:

How do art & politics feed one another?

Why do people have the urge to separate them? Is there any benefit to separating them?

How do you negotiate their relationship in your life & practice?

Featured guest collaborators:

Fpoafm: Nomadic Studios  Ceramics Collective exchanging plates for thoughts on interdependence                               

Chris Schlottmann Associate Chair of Environmental Studies at NYU, in coversation with Moira Williams, discussing food ethics

Seven Collective with a program on unconscious bias

Maya Jefferies Video/Performance artist presenting a public program from her Fallout Shelter project

Chrystian Rodriguez filmmaker, screening his recent documentary on the anti-gentrification project, Mi casa no es su casa in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 


Thanks to the Seven Collective for sharing photographs from the evening.